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Four years ago, in a time of intercession, God brought us the word of Isaiah 54 about "Enlarging the space of his tent" with the understanding that this place would be small for everything He had and that we needed to move, enlarging the space of our tents, that is, expanding the facilities and structures of the base!


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Isaiah 54:2-3

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Projeto Milhão

Como funciona o Projeto Milhão

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We are going to expand the place o four tent (Isaiah 54)! And for that, we would like to invite you to join us, being a small grain of this “big ear of corn”, so that together we can reach the mark of a million. To be part of it, there are 3 steps: 1- Make your donation and upload your picture to our large digital panel; 2- Pray and intercede for the Project; 3- Share it with others!
You can make a donation of any amount through the Paypal web app; we provide the QR code in the “Make your Donation” tab. If you prefer, make your donation by pix.
You will receive a link to upload your photo. That photo will be available in a Large Digital Panel, that will be shared in several regions. This Panel is a way to demonstrate that you are a part of what God is doing in the city of São Paulo and from it to the nations!
- Pray that more people get involved in this project; - Pray that the resources may be enough to purchase and build on the land; - Pray that through our training base for missionaries, many may be reached. - Pray that those who have not had an encounter with the Lord, will be able to through this place; - Pray that the land purchase will be successful
After that, share with as many people as possible, we want the Church in Brazil and in the World to participate with us in this challenge. São Paulo is a great metropolis and we have a great desire to make this place a place to send and receive missionaries from all over the world.

Take part as an instrument of God and bless this project